Nitroforce 9 plays gasoline flavoured and manly rock ‘n roll. During the past few years the four-member band have been aging their music and are now ready to wrestle with the heavy-weights. In 2013 Nitroforce 9 reached one of their major goals when 57records released their debut album ”Good Men, Bad Intentions”. Aggressive and bottoms up-like ”Private Time” was chosen to be the album’s first single and was released with a music video. Check it out and hit the track!


Living in the shades of a bomb shelter sucks! That’s why Nitroforce 9 actively plays live at rock clubs or festivals. Backing tracks or electronical sounds don’t fit in the band’s setlist but the gig is from head to toe rough and addictive hard rock. Hair swings and sweat flies as the mystical singer is flapping across the stage with a megaphone.


You shouldn’t wander in the past too long. Nitroforce 9 create their music in their own punkish way taking influences from such as Guns ‘n Roses, Hanoi Rocks, AC/DC and… Well who’s counting? Loosen up your buttons and start shaking your hips!



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